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Thanks for being a part of what’s happening in Union County. We can’t do it without you. Unite Union is tax-exempt 501c3 organization.


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Turning Point Domestic Violence Shelter

Right here in Union County, Turning Point Domestic Violence Shelter is a full functioning team that works to end domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse through safe shelter, advocacy, prevention, and social change.


Because of the incredible work that they do, our community members have a safe place to flee from unhealthy relationships, freeing their lives from domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities.

Looking for an opportunity to give back and support this mission?

Consider one of these options: 

Option 1: Adopt - A - Room at the shelter. Have a knack for interior design? Work with the team at Turning Point when they have a transition to completely redecorate and refresh the guest rooms! Not sure you want to wait around for this unique opportunity to serve? Start collecting items now! Kim can help you pull together the must-have list so you can collect the items and be ready when a room is available. 

Option 2: Prepare a hot meal for the clients of the shelter. The shelter has an incredible team that provides meals for the residents, but it's a blessing to give this team a day off. Reach out to Kim and set up a time for you and your family to drop off your families favorite homemade meal. This little piece of comfort goes a long way! 

Option 3: Volunteer time and expertise in facility maintenance. The Turning Point team is always looking for help to perform routine cleaning, lawn care, and repairs to the shelter on an as needed basis. Have a few hours to volunteer? Reach out to Kim and set up a time to help! 

Learn more about Turning Point