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Thanks for being a part of what’s happening in Union County. We can’t do it without you. Unite Union is tax-exempt 501c3 organization.


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Union County Public Schools

Book Drive // Bookmark Design

Family Engagement Opportunity

Join in on an effort to provide take home libraries to each student, Pre-K - 5 at all of Union County's nine Title 1 schools. Many of these students have never had the opportunity to read at home, making literacy a big obstacle as they go through each grade level. Generational poverty studies have shown that being able to read at grade level is one of the biggest indicators of students being able to break the cycle of generational poverty. Be a part of making a change right here in Union County!

Each student will be gifted a draw string bag containing 3-5 books and a book mark that they can take home and keep. 


Ready to get involved?  

  • Option #1: Print the templates attached below and decorate book marks with your kids. The more creative and uplifting, the better! 

  • Option #2: Run a book drive. Tackle your entire neighborhood or make it a circle of friends book drive! Challenge your kids to pick 15 families to reach out to and set a date for donation pick up to those 15 homes. We will accept donations of books ages Pre-K - 5th grade, so be sure to pass on these age ranges. Your help in this project will make a HUGE impact as we work to spread the vision for increased literacy in Union County. 

Any completed book marks or book donations can be dropped off to Stacey

Bookmark Templates​

Thank YOU for making a difference!